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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Donte Deayon getting it done; Brett Rypien showing skills

What what they can do!

Boise State v Colorado State Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Today a girl said she recognized me from a vegetarian club.

However I am pretty sure i’ve never met herbivore.

USA Today is reviewing top 25 high schools

This article is a primer for Boise State commit Breydon Boyd’s Katy team. They should be good this year with the defense having three kids who are FBS-bound. Well-wishes to both Boyd, and Katy, as they enter their season.

Donte Deayon out there showing what he can do

And it is going to be enough for him to land on the Giants roster.

Boise State will miss this skill going into the fall, but kudos for Deayon and his aspirations to make it. How cool would it be if he actually started week one along with Darian Thompson?

Super cool. That is the correct answer.

Brett Rypien showing why he is the best QB in the Mountain West Conference

I know a lot of QBs could possibly do this, but it is still impressive.

Now to translate that arm, and accuracy, to major success in the season.

Michael Phelps wins 21st gold medal

I know this is not Boise State related at all, but man, that is such a cool accomplishment by Mr. Phelps. To be the greatest Olympian with 21 GOLD medals? There are countries that do not have that many golds, let alone total medal count (he has 25 total medals). It’s a pretty fantastic story.