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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Demarcus Lawrence discusses suspension; Kellen Moore throws!

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Did you hear about the kidnapping at school?

It all turned out ok, he woke up.

Demarcus Lawrence talks about his suspension

While it is a bummer that he is going to be out for the Cowboys the first four weeks, he gets to participate now and in preseason. Hopefully he comes away with this in a good place. Being the person ultimately responsible for what goes into his body, he needs to be aware of what he’s doing and making sure to do things the right way.

On a less disappointing note, watch D-Law totally dominate these dummies.

Billy Winn signs with Denver

Good for Mr. Winn. The Denver defense should be pretty solid going into the season and Mr. Winn being able to be a part of it should be good. As we all saw last year: offense wins games, defense wins championships. Denver had a shadow of his former self, Payton Manning, out there on the field as QB and they were able to walk away with a ring regardless.

Kellen Moore to Jason Witten

I miss football.

On another “Kellen Moore is still better than other options at Dallas’ back up QB” note, while I realize Nick Foles had been released by the Los Angeles Rams, the thought of him going to the Cowboys never crossed my mind. But it certainly did cross someone’s mind and Jerry Jones had to denounce any interest in Foles. While I hope that Foles finds employment, I am glad it is not at the expense of the Kellen.

It pays to have a coach on a payroll who has coached a current NBA star

Pretty cool to see. But curious if he means Paris Austin’s neck of the woods in Boise or Oakland, CA?

For those who may not be up to speed. Damian Lillard played at Weber State. Where current Boise State coach Phil Beckner used to coach.

Service academies may let athletes pursue pro sports after school

As it stands currently, once a student graduates from one of the service academies, they are immediately required to serve their minimum two years. A new policy change will allow them to go to the reserves and pursue something in pro sports. Quite the change. Being on an “individual basis” could also present itself a different challenge for who could realistically do such a thing. Boise State linebacker, Ben Weaver, had a quote in the story, so you should at least click for that.


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