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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Phil Steele, Allie Ostrander, Tyler Rausa intrigue!

Boise State v Colorado State Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Remember when I said “Remember the name, ‘Allie Ostrander’?”

I don’t actually hate to say I told you so, **insert here**. And it’s not too late to jump on board this train. Allie will be attempting to progress further in the Olympic Trials process on Sunday. Best of luck to you, Allie!

Phil Steele has released his full, two page preview on the Broncos

This link was tracked down by one of our readers. So thank you, Mad Macgyver, for sharing with the rest of us! Perhaps you’re not so mad after all...unless that’s a compliment; in which case you are the perfect embodiment of Don Draper AND Macgyver! In one.

As has become a daily trend this week, yet another Bronco has been watchlisted

The most recent victim of this delightful watchlist epidemic is Bronco kicker, Tyler Rausa. For those that have tracked his progress, you’ll know that he has made the kicker position not only one that is rarely worried about, but even excels. Hence, the being named to the award for best collegiate kicker. Also, you may be aware of his multiple, documented attempts and failures to high five teammates. So above we have provided proof that he is not actually the Tom Brady of athletes in terms of being denied high fives. Faith in humanity restored!

*This site neither officially condemns nor endorses Mr. Brady, but this video is objectively hilarious.


For those special situations. Enjoy responsibly.


Actually it was Uncle Ben that said that, but Gandalf is a wizard so he can say pretty much whatever he wants. Also, about Uncle Ben...