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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 58, Tyson Maeva

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Just 58 days to go! Today let's take a look at #58 on the Boise State football roster—Mr. Tyson Maeva

#58, Tyson Maeva, True Freshman, LB



Height: 6'0"

Weight: 229 lbs

High School: Cathedral Catholic High School, San Diego, CA

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Maeva was one of three commits to verbal to Boise State on June 26th of 2015, joining DBs Reid Harrison-Ducros and Desmond Williams. Maeva was rated a 3-star by the every major recruiting service and had him tabbed as the 9th best inside linebacker in the state of California (and 11th best in the west). As a two-way standout at linebacker and fullback, Maeva was named first-team All-San Diego Section on defense after his senior campaign. As a junior, Maeva put up 80 tackles, 2 INTs and a sack. Aside from his Bronco offer, the following scholarships were extended: Air Force, Army, Fresno State, Navy, Nevada, San Diego State, UC-Davis, and Wyoming. Those service academies really like the cut of his jib.



Tyson seems like a really nice kid. I hope he's anything but on the field.



Nickel standard-bearer Winston Venable

Career Highlights

Scout's 11th ranked ILB in the west. All-San Diego Section first teamer as a senior.

2016 Prospectus

Maeva graduated early from high school and joined the Broncos as a mid-year "greenshirt" enrollee. Joining the squad early may have gotten him up-to-speed on the rigors of being a student-athlete, but I don't know if it will benefit him when it comes to early playing time, as he sat out spring camp with an undisclosed injury (Maeva had a nagging shoulder problem his senior year). Even if Maeva didn't get extra camp participation under his belt, I think his early arrival will pay dividends. He's much more attuned to the "Bronco way" than his incoming classmates and has already put the difficult high school to college transition behind him. Boise State has their linebacking corps pretty well sorted out for this year, it would seem, but I think with Vallejo and Weaver both moving on at year's end (and the attrition of Drew Berger and potentially Marquis Hendrix) there will be room for a newbie to enter the mix, and I truly like Maeva's game.

Maeva is not a huge player, but he's stout and he's a sure tackler with good football instincts. Watching his film, I'm struck with the direct lines he takes to the ball carrier. He doesn't dance around, he just takes on the blocks and gets right after his man. Speed and size are nice-to-haves, but toughness, football IQ, and a motor are must-haves in D1 football. From all appearances, Maeva has those in spades.

Is he on Twitter?

Yes, and he's already getting into coaching.

Completely made up fact

As part of a marketing promotion, Tyson chicken awarded 10 "Tysons" with a year's supply of chicken strips. Maeva was one of the lucky winners, but made it through his supply in just 3 weeks.