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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Roh watchlisted, Broncos are academic champions too, TE vote

Boise State v Connecticut

Just because ‘Broncos’ starts with a ‘B’, doesn’t mean they don’t get a lot of ‘A’s

Yet again, the Boise State athletic department has also churned out another season of dominant the academic field. Keep in mind that this MW all-academic team is only for the spring and summer sports. So, we had 96 all-Mountain West academic athletes without even factoring in the football team. Women’s swimming and diving leads the pack.

Voting now open for the All-Blue team at the Tight End position

All present voting options are excellent. However, I’m slightly dismayed that Tommy Gallarda’s one-handed touchdown at Virginia Tech alone didn’t get him on this list. I would also expect there to be some write-ins of Chris O’Niell and Gabe Linehan, and why not? Linehan’s hair was fantastic.

Boise State futbol releases their schedule

I, personally, will be celebrating this news by re-watching Green Street Hooligans for the bazillionth time.

Speaking of Tight Ends, we just got another player watchlisted

Jake Roh has been added to the watchlist for the Mackey Award, given annually to the nation’s top tight end. Which is appropriate because he’s really quite good at the football thing.


The most unexpectedly satisfying and weirdly soothing thing I’ve seen all day. Also, it’s pointless.