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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Watchlists, defense finally getting love, and an Olympic hopeful at BSU

Boise State spring game Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Dylan Sumner-Gardner getting some love from Athlon

As is well-deserved. DSG is poised for a great year, and in the absence of other proven, non-linebacker playmakers, he has all the talent and opportunity in the world to be a star.

Rypien and McNichols: Not just awesome to Bronco fans

Sometimes I worry that my rampant homerism, and regional bias is getting to be too apparent, and then I realize “Oh other team’s won a higher percentage of their games since 2000. Our opinions are the only ones that matter. Duh”. And then national groups keep going on and reminding us from the outside how awesome our players are. This time in the form of the Maxwell Award watch list, which is awarded to the best player in college football. Not to be confused with the Heisman. Which merely awards most outstanding.

Short odds on this long distance star

Seriously, learn the name of Boise state runner, Allie Ostrander. She’s one of those generational talents that could one day become so dominant that even people that have never even seen a race in their life know about her. She’s actually well on her way already, setting some seriously crazy standards as a freshman (freshwoman?)Think ‘the female Michael Phelps of long-distance land sharks’...and then settle down, because we’ve already peaked on shark obsession, as a society—our movies are putting them in tornadoes now. So, yeah. Allie Ostrander. Another dominant BSU athlete. Check her out!


You will never, ever, ever, ever...ever, ever, ever, ever be able to unsee this. Ever.