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Wake up, Bronco Nation! Rypien praised, and a legend remembered

Oregon v Boise State Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

A top 25 list, isn’t a top 25 list without including some blue and orange

The formula holds true here as well. Pay special attention to player #9. I think there’s a decent possibility he may be remembered by Bronco fans. Going 50-3 as a starting quarterback tends to be memorable.

Rypien getting some love from Saturday Blitz

Actually, the whole offense getting some love. Seriously, I know I’m supposed to be cautious, or whatever, but that line? With that backfield? And those pass catchers?? Fuh-gedda-boud-it!

Look at the opponent on October 20th, and what their projected record is, and then join me in laughing very hard

Unfortunately this glee is short-lived by necessity, because unless this occurs in a vacuum, it would adversely affect our strength of schedule when we beat them so badly that their mothers won’t love them any more.

But, seriously, if a year after losing Bronco Mendenhall, they roll through a schedule that plays AT Arizona, AT Utah, home against UCLA, AT West Virginia, and AT Michigan State...I would be positively ecstatic about being able to put the Cougars to sleep on The Blue. And you should be too. If not—silver lining: 1-6. They’re projected to be 1-6 when we play.

To which, again, the appropriate reaction is above. And repeat. And again. And on and on, into perpetuity.


...Just because it’s hilarious.