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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 61, Emmanuel Fesili

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Happy 4th of July edition of the countdown everyone! Hopefully you're all having a fun and safe weekend with family and friends. We check in today on another 2016 recruit, and he's a big one. At #61, Emmanuel Fesili has a chance to come in and get some playing time right away. But who is he? Let's find out!

#61, Emmanuel Fesili, Freshman, DT

Emmanuel Fesili


Height: 6'1.5"

Weight: 309lbs

High School: Polytechnic High School, Longbeach, CA

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Along with De'Andre Pierce, he was enamored with Boise State after a visit in September of last year. Tipping the scales at 309, he's easily one of the biggest recruits we've brought in. He passed on offers from the majority of the MW, including Nevada (yes), Fresno State (nice), and Utah State (sweet) to name a few. I'm always a fan of players who pass on those schools! HUDL didn't have his senior highlights, just his junior highlights unfortunately.




See the above video.


Northampton Saints player George David Campese Ma'afu. Say that 5 times fast.

George David Campese Ma'afu

Career Highlights

He finished his career at Polytechnic HS with 136 total tackles, 111 solo, 18 TFL and 3 sacks. His senior season he finished with 39 total tackles, 28 solo and 8 TFL in 8 games. I'm not entirely sure if he suffered an injury his senior year or if he had more competition. Regardless, his numbers are still solid and his film more than backs them up.

2016 Prospectus

Similarly to other incoming freshman, Emmanuel has a solid shot of seeing the field as a true freshman. With the glut of talent that we had last year, we had a lot of attrition. Elliot Hoyte and David Moa are really the only interior lineman that saw any field time, and Moa was VERY sparingly. That leaves the door wide open for anyone interested in playing this fall.

Along with Hoyte and Moa, Paul Semons, Matt Locher, Sam Whitney, Sonatane Lui and Dane Gooch either return to the line or were added as walk-ons. As far as the 2016 class, Chase Hatada and Jabari Watson, MAYBE Curtis Weaver, join Fesili. It's fairly rare for walk-ons to secure starting positions in college football, so that leaves Locher, Whitney and the newbies as our options. Those are some good options if you ask me. That isn't to say that Lui, gooch or Semons won't play, because they probably will, but the scholarship players probably have the best shot.

As I stated before, it's pretty open. I expect Hoyte to lock up a spot based on experience, and Moa has done some nice things, but he's pretty green still too. Any of the incoming freshman or red shirts could storm the scene come fall camp. It'll be fun to watch, that's for sure!

Is he on Twitter?

He sure is, and he he loves his family!

Completely made up fact

Emmanuel grew up watching demolition derbies. His parents knew at a very young age that he would be a football player, specifically a DT.