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Wake up, Bronco Nation! Checking in with a VERY familiar face, Sperbeck write up and more

Oregon v Boise State Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

As promised, the ‘familiar face’.

His last name is ‘Ever’, first name ‘Greatest’.

Actually...I think I may be mixing that up with his status. His actual name, I believe is ‘Kellen Moore’

In case you missed this, it’s an excellent piece on Thomas Sperbeck

Extremely awesome story about a guy that definitely took the path less traveled to be where he is now. He was actually a quarterback in high school, and then we recruited him to play safety. And now he’s an all-conference wide receiver poised to break a number of Boise State records.

Our secret has become national news

Okay, maybe it wasn’t a secret, but it’s still an area of continuing concern. Especially with Mike Leach’s very aptly named ‘air raid’ offense coming to town in week 2.

And in today’s ‘too big for their boots’ story...

Media market? Good. New stadium? Cool. Academics are pretty great too. However, I think athletic achievement is probably one of the more weighted considerations. And on that note, they’ve only had one 10 win season recently. Also, there’s this


Take your paper airplane game up to that next, ‘nother level.