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Wake up, Bronco Nation! G5 Heisman hopefuls, Bronco Olympians, Reliving the ‘07 Fiesta

2007 ESPY Awards - Show Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Rypien and Mcnichols 2nd (and 3rd) only to Houston’s QB as G5 Heisman candidates

At least according to Athlon. Which is a non-Mountain West affiliated publication. You can tell because McNichols is higher on this list than Donnel Pumphrey and Brian Hill. Actually, Hill isn’t even on it.

As you’ll remember, McNichols was not selected to the preseason all conference team, after tying for the national lead in touchdowns, in favor of two running backs whose touchdown numbers have to be combined to even match McNichols’s; Hill and Pumphrey.

Great backs, both. McNichols is just better.

Remember that one time that 7 Broncos were in the Olympics?

Should be pretty easy. Because it’s now.

Wanna relive that glorious hook and ladder with the players that made it happen?

Because BJ Rains made that happen. It’s pretty cool to hear from them all now, ten years later. Less cool is thinking about how that’s already been ten years ago already!

Darian Thompson running with the ones in NY’s camp

Generally a pretty good sign that a guy’s gonna start, unless he’s just keeping the spot warm for an injured or suspended star. The Giants have neither. Just a solid case of having a former Bronco playmaker on their hands. Two, actually.

Bronco opponent loses 3rd leading receiver in school history

Unfortunate on a number of levels. Because we want everyone’s best shot, but also unfortunate for the athlete himself. Best of luck to him getting things squared away, so that he can compete during his senior season in 2017.

Obligatory expansion talk

Because it’s just a daily topic now...

A little different from precious takes, however.