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Wake Up, Bronco Nation!: Darian Thompson update, A New Enemy in Illinois, and Taysom Hill

Vizio Fiesta Bowl - Boise State v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Statesman summarizes college football preseason magazine summaries

Phil Steele loves him some Broncos. He has us favored in every game. So, we’ve got that going for us...which is nice.

Meet our new enemy in Illinois!

Yeah, so apparently they think we’re going 9-3 to the Potato Bowl. Needless to say, I disagree. I disagree real hard.

Darian Thompson making waves in the Big Apple

I mean...are we surprised? He’s impressing veterans and coaches alike, and seems positioned well to possibly start this season. Something about being a good, hardworking dude seems to be working. Probably doesn’t hurt that no one’s ever intercepted more passes than him in the history of the Mountain West.

I’m ashamed to cover BYU twice in two days, but...

Maybe I’m in the minority here with Bronco Nation, but I just can’t hate that Taysom Hill guy. He’s like using cheat codes when healthy, and to my knowledge, he’s never delivered any cheapshots. Always been an admirable opponent, so it’s kind of cool to see him get an ally as big as Nike in his corner to keep him off the injured list.

Former Bronco alum, Emma Bates, unfortunately did NOT qualify for Rio

Despite this, Emma had a hard time staying down for long. Naps do that. Good luck in the future, Emma!

Miscellinkious! photo form. Not an actual link. To protect the identity (and dignity) of this person I have removed the name, but one of our local sports writers tweeted this:

HAD NEVER HEARD OF WARRANT! What’s next? Brushing off Tommy Lee for a coffee date? Taking Bret Michaels’ mother out to a nice, seafood dinner and then never calling her again? Have you no respect for hair metal, sir?! Get yourself a copy of the ‘Dirty, Rotten, Filthy, Stinkin’ Rich’ album, stat!

In the meantime, he’s out there people. Writing in our papers...walking our streets...breathing our air! Be vigilant.