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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 36, Robert Lewis

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Just 36 days stand between us and football glory (or despair...but it will probably be glory), so today let's take a look at a newcomer to the Boise State roster—Robert Lewis. It appears he's been assigned #30, for the record, but that number is double-parked right now and we'll be highlighting its other bearer, Ryan Wolpin, in a few days.

#36, Robert Lewis, True Freshman, CB



Height: 5'10"

Weight: 170 lbs

High School: Hawkins High School, Los Angeles, CA

How'd he get to the Blue™?

The three-star recruit was rated the #19 cornerback in the great state of California after back-to-back all-league selections in his junior and senior years in which he combined for 81 tackles, 6 sacks, and 3 picks. As a senior, Lewis was named to the all-city team as well as his aforementioned accolade. Lewis was not highly recruited, garnering offers from Boise State, UTEP, Azusa Pacific, and Dixie State...but he did jump on the Boise State offer relatively early, and held fast to his commitment despite the firing of his chief recruiter—Julius Brown.



What? No love for 19th century Scottish novelists?



Wrestler Booker T

Career Highlights

Three-star recruit per 247Sports and Named the  #19 cornerback in the state of California by Two-time all-league selection (2014 and 2015) and named all-city after senior year. Lettered in track and field three times and football twice. Member of Augustus Hawkins Honor Roll.

2016 Prospectus

We've established that Boise State is going to need to play some true freshman this year on the defensive side of the ball, and while most of those true frosh are likely to play along the D-line, I think that depth will necessitate a few in the secondary as well. Given that Lewis falls in that secondary, that puts him in the talent pool that the coaches can draw from to shore up their numbers. Jonathan Moxey is going to start at corner on one side...I'd say that's a given at this point and across from him will be true sophomore Tyler Horton or senior JuCo transfer Raymond Ford. Ladarryl Blair is listed as Moxey's primary back-up heading into camp, which gives us a fair enough two-deep, but things always happen over the course of a season and carrying four corners only is not ideal...not to mention what happens if the Broncos end up putting dime bags packages on the field for pass-heavy teams *cough* Washington State *cough*—can someone get me a lozenge?

This is where Lewis, De'andre Pierce, and Reid Harrison-Ducros come into play. All 3 are talented defensive backs (the two latter both played for the U-19 National Team earlier this year) and all 3 came ready to compete. So, even if redshirts are generally expected amongst incoming freshman, I know that Coach Ambrose has told these 3 (at least) to come prepared to see action. It's unlikely that all three incoming CBs will, in fact, see the field...but stranger things have happened (speaking of Stranger Things on Netflix ASAP). Frankly, I could see any of the newcomers contributing, and Lewis could find himself in the thick of things next week when fall camp opens. Yes, fall camp opens next week.

Is he on Twitter?

I feel ya.

Completely made up fact

When reporters asked Lewis what he planned on majoring in at Boise State, he said "being awesome". It got a good laugh, but in the 6 months since that interview, Boise State has, in fact, added a bachelors degree in Being Awesome. Believe me...BSU is the only university in the state that offers this major.