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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! MW running backs are awesome, Huddle cancelled, and player leaves team

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl - Boise State v Northern Illinois Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Mountain West has some really, really good running backs

I found this article, introduced on Twitter by Southorn, saying that you know you have good running backs in the conference when the guy that’s tied for the national lead in TDs comes in 3rd in the conference preseason rankings (McNichols). I’m sure he’s bound by some kind of professionalism to not call it what it is: A joke. Pumphrey and Hill are both excellent running backs, but football games are won by points prevented vs points scored. In the ‘scoring’ category, you have to combine both the other running backs’ TD numbers to match what McNichols produced alone. In the real world, that should be good for number 1. Apparently the MW preseason awards voters thought differently. Some-crazy/delusional-how...

The Huddle has been cancelled by the state education board

Apparently hosting the event inside the Caven-Williams complex actually cost BSU $15,000 this season, but it was just starting to grow in popularity.

Some updates from BJ Rains on MW media days

Mountain West coaches at least aren’t confused about conference quarterbacks

Just because they don’t fully appreciate what McNichols is going to do to their defenses doesn’t mean they don’t know Rypien is gonna rip up their secondaries. Funny old world, innit’?

Sophomore Defensive End Kaleb Hill has left the BSU program

Kind of a bummer, as I had high hopes for him at BSU. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out that way, and he is moving on. Best of luck to you in your future, Mr Hill!

‘Ask the AD’ on The Ticket had some nuggets today

So, the game against Florida State is moving to a ‘neutral’ (hahahaha!!! Neutral. In Jacksonville) site, and if you haven’t bought season tickets already, you don’t get to complain about BSU not getting invited to a bigger conference. Because our stadium is small, and would likely need to expand if a major conference were to be enticed into inviting us. It’s just kind of tough to do if we can’t even sell out the seats we already have and keep them full all game. Kind of pet peeve of mine, if that wasn’t apparent haha. Especially students. Stay until the end of the game, guys. Your tickets are either free or (if a guest ticket) very cheap. The powers that be take that stuff into account though. It’s important we do things like that, as a fanbase. Especially if you’re a student and likely don’t have kids to get home to bed.

On that note, more Tweetgrabs of expansion talk with the Athletic Director, Curt Apsey:


It’s like the Matrix. Except you pick a red button to go down the rabbit hole...