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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State All-Blue Team QBs; Mystique!; Stars endorsing schools?

MAACO Bowl Las Vegas - Arizona State v Boise State Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Why don’t we know the weight of the largest diamond in the world?

Never mined.

All-Blue Team: QBs

Being honest: this was probably the easiest ballot of all of them.

We all know who no. 1 is. Let us not kid ourselves about who the real MVP is in a Boise State quarterback contest. It’s the dude who has 50 collegiate wins. Three total losses. Those losses? The cumulative total was less than a touchdown. He has his own award. Kellen Moore is Boise State football.

After that, it is a race to second place with some very decent competition. Rypien has the possibility to be the next Boise State great. He is already off to a great start. Grant Hedrick has a Fiesta Bowl win and a couple of solid years. Ryan Dinwiddie could air it out. And Bart Hendricks was the guy that started the whole thing.

This was definitely a toss up*, for second place, but I had to put the guy in who was able to keep the ball rolling.

[*Originally used a poor reference in this spot. See comments for more.]

Something, something mystique

Ah. Would not be a Mountain West Conference media event without it.

Ah. Well. Glad that is established.

Stars stumping for schools into the Big 12

THE Justin Timberlake putting a case together for Memphis? Larry the Cable Guy for UCF? The Fake Coach Harsin Twitter account spitting fire?

And, yes, that is Larry the Cable Guy laughing out loud at the fake account. He has made quite the name for himself.

I tried finding someone famous that could go to bat for the Broncos and, well, the alumni list, while has a few good names, not quite the star-studded level as JT. HOWEVER Mark Wahlberg DID congratulate Jordan Happle when Happle signed on at Boise State. So I figure we can get Marky Mark to tweet at the Big 12 and we can be his Funky Bunch.

A bizarro universe where Thomas Sperbeck plays for Nevada?!

Perish the thought! Looking back, he very well could have ended up playing for the Wolf Pack. And, by all accounts, probably should have. But, hindsight being 20/20, we are all thankful that this dude chose the correct school despite the familial ties to Nevada.

Interesting read on Boise State commit Chase Cord’s final year of high school

I think my favorite line was regarding The Mustangs’ final loss last year:

The stunning final score was 41-21. In truth, without some highlight-reel plays by Cord, it wouldn't have been that close.

Yes. Drink that in folks. Dude should be a baller by the time his name is called up.


Want to find out where your name is unusually popular? Try this. Note: it is only for the U.K. So when I popped in my name, I came up with this: