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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: More Boise State expansion talk; Golfers get academic honor

NCAA Football: Mountain West Football Championship-Fresno State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Dracula does not have many friends.

Because he is a pain in the neck.

Boise State at no. 26 for the guys at the Student Section

A standard breakdown for the Broncos’ upcoming season. Key players. Key games. Key fan blogs coaches. You know. The usual. Why can’t football just be here already?

Bronco golfers honored with an academic award

This is pretty cool because the requirements are pretty tough. A lot to accomplish before an athlete gets recognized by this particular institution. Great to see more Boise State people getting this kind of recognition. Congratulations to Mr. Logan France and Mr. Kyle Mitsunaga.

Athlon has some pros and cons to Boise State to the Big 12

I mean. I guess. I know we ALL can’t be on the same level as Nevada, but there is always room to improve. Boise State has come a long way since the junior college ranks both academically an athletically. He uses the Director’s Cup standings as some sort of basis. Like Boise State’s recruiting would not get better with a higher profile. (Same would go with academics too.) While education is a lot of what you make of it, the name of the institution on the diploma has to add some value as well.

Local KIDO certainly has some thoughts and opinions on NOT joining Big 12

This is a weird one. Less “why they shouldn’t” and more “well, they can’t.” Interesting he mentions that if the Pac-12 came calling, Boise State should jump. But, in all honesty, they most likely have a higher academic rating than the Big 12. So that really does not make any sense. Though, yes, I would have to agree: Pac-12 > Big 12.


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