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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 40, Garrett Estrada

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

It's the last day of the 40s guys. Before you know it, we'll be sitting in the stadium awaiting the first kick-off! Checking in at No. 40 is walk-on Garrett Estrada.

#40, Garrett Estrada, RS Freshman, Cornerback

Garrett Estrada


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 158 lbs

High School: Mater Dei High School, Santa Ana, CA

How'd he get to The BlueTM?

Estrada is a walk-on, so he walked from Santa Ana to Boise and asked for a spot. He red shirted last year because he needed the time to get up here. That's a long walk. In all seriousness, Boise State has built a solid portfolio with the help of a lot of walk-ons.



How could it not be this, especially considering that the REAL Ponch is an actual cop here in Idaho now!


Erik Estrada


Seriously this is working out way too well for me. Not only does he share the same last name, but he looks like him. He HAS to be related, right? RIGHT?! I actually tried to look into it, but it just pulled up a bunch of CHiPS episodes and I got distracted for 3 and a half hours.

Career Highlight

Garrett had a solid senior season with the Monarchs, tallying up 53 total tackles with 44 of those being solo. He also had 1.5 tackles for loss and a blocked punt. He sat out the 2015 season as a red shirt.

2016 Prospectus

Honestly I'm not sure what to fully expect at CB this year. With the loss of Deayon and departures of Roddie and potentially Jackson in the secondary, things could get interesting. Right now there are 7 CBs/DBs listed on the roster: Horton, Moxey, Ford, Blair, Hartsfield, Israelson and Estrada. Horton established himself last season as a legit contender for one of the starting positions. I have to think Moxey has the other one fairly locked down. Ford will play plenty. I definitely liked what I saw from him last year. Blair, like Israelson and Estrada, is coming off a red shirt, but of those 3, he is the only one with a scholarship. I anticipate that Hartsfield might play at nickel with James, but part of that depends on the newcomers as well.

We have a decent amount of DBs coming in this class, but the only ones listed at CB are Reid Harrison-Ducros and Robert Lewis. Both of those guys could absolutely come make some noise in fall camp, so none of the current players should sit on their laurels. Pierce might be able to play multiple positions. I expect Walker and Happle to play safety and Williams to be a nickel guy.

We have bodies in the secondary, but experience will be light. Do I anticipate any of the walk-ons to see the field much outside of special teams? No, I don't. BUT, I wouldn't write them off either. What I expect to happen, though, is Horton and Moxey to be our starting CBs, but the back-ups spots could be up for grabs.

Is he on Twitter?

He is, and he's ready...

Completely made up fact

Despite the close resemblance and same name, instead of watching CHiPS reruns as a youngster, Garrett grew up watching reruns of his favorite show Emergency!