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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Big looks to expand; Boise State athlete at Paralympics

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs.

They take things literally.

Welp. The Big 12 is exploring expansion

So this sucks.

And now we get months of speculation about which teams are going to be included. It is almost a given that BYU is going to be included. After that, it gets tricky. Cincinnati, UCONN, Memphis, Houston, Colorado—freaking—State for corns’ sake. So this is going to be a harrowing next couple of months as schools are going to be politicking for inclusion. There are a lot of people stressed about what actions Boise State will be doing. Biggest thing for fans: have patience.

Of course, here is one possibility:

Which is...not ideal from Boise State’s standpoint. The Mountain West Conference would most certainly kick Boise State’s other sports out. And I would assume the Boise State administration will try to broker inclusion into the Big West like last time. I am not entirely against this move, but it would still suck. Hopefully it does not come to this.

Lindy’s sports and a primer of the NFC east training camp

A brief mention of Darian Thompson having quite the successful training camp. Anytime he goods publicity, it is a good thing for Boise State.

Former Bronco Roderick Townsend in Rio Olympics

Mr. Townsend will be participating in the long jump, high jump, and the 100-yard dash. His is a pretty neat story and hopefully he can bring home Olympic Gold.

Boise State football with some mini-plans

They are two different sets of three games. If you cannot commit to a full season, perhaps three will work?


Ever wanted to combine anywhere between two or four names and come up with something else? Well here is your chance!

Example: Damien + Kellen = Dalen or Kemien or even Damikellen. I like the ring of that last one.