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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State’s Rypien in Athlon; Worst head coaches

Boise State spring game Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

I gave all my dead batteries away today.

Free of charge.

Athlon Sports thinks pretty highly of Brett Rypien

You will have to click on the link and wade through the rankings. Mr. Rypien is in some good company with a lot of other good quarterbacks and good schools. With Thomas Sperbeck, Chaz Anderson, and Cedric Wilson for passing targets, Mr. Rypien should be able to put up some numbers (as if you did not already know that). Mr. Rypien is, hands down, the best QB in the Mountain West and should be one of the best QBs in the nation.

Incoming Boise State golfer, Jalayne Martinez, to participate in amateur tournament

Ms. Martinez will get a chance to compete against a lot of Division-I competition in the tournament. Coming off a Washington state 4A championship, she should be able to compete with the best. Good luck to Ms. Martinez!

Reddit’s worst head coaches in history

This list details the worst head coach for each school.

And it is not even funny that Boise State’s worst head coach STILL has a winning record. As a fanbase, we are definitely the most spoiled. Though with all that, expectations are always sky-high as for what we think the team should be able to accomplish. And, being honest, with the facilities, coaches, and the type of recruits that Boise State does have, winning should be expected. But tempering some of that wishful thinking (CFP, etc.) should be kept in check. It is always nice to dream, but we also need to be realistic.

Malek Harwell is going to lace it up next season!

And there was much fist-pumping.

It was a bummer that he had to sit out last year due to injury. You never want to see an athlete not have a chance. But with Anthony Drmic, Mikey Thompson, and James Webb III moving on the Broncos need some guys to compliment the guys still around. I look forward to seeing Harwell light up the board.

RB Arian Foster signs with Dolphins

While mildly disappointing for fans, it should only encourage Jay Ajayi to keep working. Mr. Foster is a good role model for Mr. Ajayi and whose success that Ajayi should strive for. Though this is a challenge, Ajayi should be just fine.

Mountain West All-Star volleyball team takes third in international tournament

This is kind of a late one to come through, but still worthy of bringing up.

Sierra Nobley was the lone Bronco athletic representative this year (in 2015 Kaitlyn Oliver and Maddy O'Donnell represented the orange and blue). And Nobley even garnered a EGC All-Tournament Team nod due to her performance at the tournament. In addition to Ms. Nobley playing, this year Boise State Head Coach Shawn Garus was the coach of the all-star team. This is the third year of the MWC inclusion and third year for the bronze. Congratulations to these athletes!

Former Bronco Blake Renaud gets a mention in Vikings camp

The Vikings are using Mr. Renaud as a fullback. And when you’re on a list that includes Adrian Peterson, your touches are going to be limited already. Then being buried on the depth-chart (on the practice squad) does not help. But Renaud gets a six figure check to do that very thing, so I certainly do not weep for him. I just hope he gets an opportunity to see the field during the upcoming season.


Sorry about the late addition of this one guys. Maybe we should schedule a meeting?