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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: James Webb is injured; University of Idaho on hilarious list

NBA: Summer League-Philadelphia 76ers vs Golden State Warriors Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Real life dad joke experience. While on vacation, the family watched Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out™. In the movie, there was a scene where two characters were trying to get out of a “chasm” as it were.

Son: Dad, on which attempt did they succeed?

Me: The last one.

Former Bronco James Webb III could miss some time with an injury

Which is not a good thing.

Mr. Webb had been putting on quite the show for the 76ers in the NBA summer league. Keeping up with the other guys on the court. Undoubtedly this should be considered a minor setback and, hopefully, he will be able to rebound (no pun intended) quickly. Hate to see a guy get sidelined with something like this especially when he still has so much to prove to NBA executives. Continued good luck to Mr. Webb and here’s to his mantra: Prove ‘Em Wrong (PEW).

Idaho on Reddit’s list of worst teams

Both hilarious that Idaho is on there and that the reason that San José is on there has one reason: lost to Boise State 0-48. Though, on retrospect, shouldn’t it be a given that Boise State would have rolled them in that era? Anyway, Boise State also appears on the section: “teams that are happy to not be on this list.” Boise State is the only G5 team on that particular grouping.

And BYU makes an appearance as well. This makes my heart happy.

Coach Bryan Harsin keeping an eye on your interior design

And if you don’t have a “Bronco Wall” don’t bother @ing him.

Apparently I need to work a bit more on my wall as, much to my chagrin, I do NOT have one... yet. I shall have to remedy.

Generic college football hype video

This just makes me pine for September. But it is pretty sweet to see a bunch of highlights from last year. Boise State has several appearances and none were negative! Yeah, they had a BYU highlight, but I suppose we’ll live.


Help keep Portland weird? If anything it should be an interesting list.