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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 47, Matt Pistone

Oregon v Boise State Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

All right! We are getting into our second actual guy who is going to be wearing a 40s number (David Moa is 55). And we take a look at a big dude who can catch (probably)! With 47 days left until I am watching Boise State play football again, we will cover Matt Pistone.

#47, Matt Pistone, RS Freshman, TE


Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 248 (+18)

High School: Yuma Catholic HS, Yuma, AZ

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Because he was good at football. And really good at decision-making. Mr. Pistone was a consensus three-star rated recruit on all of the services (Scout, Rivals, ESPN, 247Sorts). Per Scout, Pistone was the #1 tight end recruit in the state of Arizona that year. He was also their 35th best tight end prospect in the country.

Pistone had initially pledged his services to Mike Riley at Oregon State. Then, when Riley decided to bolt for Nebraska, Pistone decided he needed to do something different as well. Eliah Drinkwitz was a huge plus for Pistone, and the Broncos, as Mr. Drinkwitz was able to get Pistone to do the right thing and come to the Blue™. He had a few Power 5 scholarship offers. Such as Vanderbilt, Washington, Oregon State, and Northwestern. Not to mention the host of Group of 5 offers and others.

As a reminder of what he can do:



(This will make sense in a minute.)


A slightly-less tatted Travie McCoy

Career Highlights

Mr. Pistone red-shirted last year, so he has no Boise State highlights (yet). But while in high school he did some things.

In high school he helped the Shamrocks win two straight state titles. He did that by amassing a career total 74 catches, 1,036 yards, and 26 touchdowns. He was so good that, as a senior, he was named to Arizona FCA's 2014 All-State Top 25 Team. And he was named to the Arizona FCA Division V All-State Team twice.

2016 Prospectus

Looking at the roster (as of this writing) I did not realize how “thin” the Broncos were at tight end. Only five guys (before the additions of the new recruiting class) listed. Pistone is the only redshirt freshman.

The one thing about the Broncos is that they are usually dependable for getting tight ends on the field. I fully expect all five to see some playing time (and causing the incoming freshman to redshirt). Which begs the question where, exactly, does Mr. Pistone fit in all of this?

Jake Roh (who is on the Mackey Award watchlist) will probably be tabbed for a lot of the tight end receptions. Alec Dhaenens will block (and only accepts passes that are going to be touchdowns). Jake Knight had the best offensive play in the spring-scrimmage (he also initially signed with Oregon State before heading to Auburn to throw on the track & field team). Chase Blakley will be coming back from injury after last season and, as a reminder, was a Washington commit and pretty darn good in his own right.

Which means Pistone will be doing all he can to make sure and net all the reps he can get. As a blocker he will be able to push people around. He also has pretty decent hands. I will make this prediction right now for Mr. Pistone: he will be second in receptions for tight ends behind Jake Roh. I do not think the count will necessarily be high, but Pistone will be sure to catch what is thrown his way.

Is he on Twitter?

Yes. And now my nickname joke has come full circle.

Completely made up fact

Pistone is unmoved by Deadpool’s regenerative powers. Knowing full well that, if pressed, Pistone’s body can certainly heal from any sort of damage, even the kind sustained from football.