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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Ajayi’s perplexing accent saga continues, Broncos name athletes of the year

Miami Dolphins v San Diego Chargers Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

Fairly long Dameshek interview of Jay, if you skip to about the 22:25 mark

I have a qualm with this though. As has been discussed on Twitter betwixt myself and the editor of Obnug (with some light participation by a certain Bronco DT), it seems as though Jay has reverted to a British accent. big of a fan as I am of the Jay-Train, it really takes the jam out of my doughnut that he was holding out on us, accent-wise, during his career here. Why would you try and mask that?? Being British makes most things that much cooler. Example:

“Wanna watch a show about IT nerds at some corporate cubicle farm?”

“Absolutely not.”

“But did I mention they’re British?”

“Lead with that next time! Why aren’t we watching that right now!?”

(Yes, this is a real show on Netflix, called ‘The IT Crowd’ and as with most comedies, you can probably skip the first few episodes or 1st season until it hits its groove)

Why would anyone ever want to hide an accent that originates from the same landmass as one where I can say ‘bangers and mash’, and everyone knows I’m talking about (delightful) food and not a TV show hybrid of the The Wire and a certain 70s comedy about doctors in the Korean War?

It defies logic. You cut me deep, Jay! You cut me deep just now!

Moving on...

Darian Thompson and Allie Ostrander were named BSU Athletes of the year

I personally recommend clicking the link above if only to re-watch the embedded highlights of Mr. Thompson’s exploits. Not sure if we’ve covered this lately or not—extensively—but he’s the Mountain West’s all-time conference leader in interceptions, with 19. That’s extremely impressive. For reference, the gentleman whose record he beat, Eric Weddle (formerly of the former MW Utah Utes), is a 3-time NFL all-pro. Which, incidentally, they give out even less than interceptions. Here’s to a bright future with the Giants, Darian!

Although I’m sure Brooke Pahuoka of the women’s basketball team got some (very deserved) consideration, the Boise State athlete of the year in the female category went to Allie Ostrander. Who, again, is just beginning what’s already been a ludicrously impressive career in her sport.

Many ‘grats to you both.


Get creative! No, seriously. This is actually a highly entertaining way to hang out with yourself.