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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Rypien and McNichols watchlisted (again), and BSU could face SEC QB

Boise State v Colorado State Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Brett Rypien and Jeremy McNichols named to award watchlists

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the starting quarterback and the starting running back of one of the most prolific offenses in the country made the award watchlists for their respective positions. The Davey O’Brien Award for Rypien, and the Doak Walker Award for McNichols.

Unrelated: I will give any BSU player a dollar if they document themselves asking Jeremy, ambush-style, if his favorite band is McNicholback. I will then offer the McWeapon my services in what will likely be a freshly necessitated need to hide a body. And, just like that, my weekend potentially got a lot more exciting...

Ragin’ Cajuns acquire former LSU quarterback, Anthony Jennings

So this won’t be ‘news’ to everyone but it’s not entirely irrelevant, since Boise State opens the season against Louisina Lafayette. The guy has a 9-4 record as a starter, and played in what’s largely considered to be the toughest conference of all: The SEC. For the record, he has not yet been named the starter at his new school but, when looking at the other options on the roster, he seems like a pretty solid bet. Personally, I hope he plays out of his mind, and pulls his new team into prominence...after losing his initial outing to Boise State, of course. Because that’s how you build strength of schedule. Which is a thing we need. Kind of a lot.

Local KTVB reporter, Jay Tust, still batting 100 on stats

As far as stats go I say: “In Tust we trust!”

Also, when it says ‘tonight’, it’s more like ‘yesternight’, because it’s referring to the 14th.


Sheer insidiousness. And mainstream media said they all got cars. HA! People will believe anything...