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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Further proof that Sperbeck is a beast, and BSU gymnastics’ secret weapon

Wyoming v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Thomas Sperbeck named to Biletnikoff Award Watchlist

As has become the norm for the last few days, yet another Bronco has been named to a national watchlist for the elite. In this case, it was Thomas Sperbeck being placed under consideration for the award that goes to college football’s best receiver, annually. For reference, the last two winners of the award were Corey Coleman of Baylor and Amari Cooper of Alabama. Pretty decent company—two NFL first round draft picks.

For even further reference, Stat-man Tust has this:

Pretty insane statistic. Equally as insane as how random (and fascinating) the stats are that Jay consistently comes up with.

The unsung hero of BSU’s gymnastics team

Keita Shimada is responsible for keeping the bodies of Bronco athletes in golf and gymnastics in championship shape, and is apparently pretty great at his job.

James Webb III in the NBA summer league

Mr. Southorn, of the Statesman (and not Ice Cube of the N.W.A., as his Twitter picture cruelly tricked me into momentarily believing) brings us a summary of Webb’s last two games. Game one: Frownie face. Game two: Turned frown upside down. Pretty solid improvement, one might say! Well done, Webb!


Learn a language. For free. One of my sisters and my mom were just doing this from their phones at our reunion last weekend, so I’m pretty sure there’s also an app. So yeah. Enjoy. Happy linguisting.

...not to be confused with ‘linguine’. Which is a real word. And something you could order from a restaurant in Italy, if you learned Italian!