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Wake up, Bronco Nation! Bovada favors BSU, Olympic dreams postponed, and Broncos in NY making noise!

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Vizio Fiesta Bowl - Boise State v Arizona Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Gambling site Bovada is picking BSU as the team to beat

Complete odds available in the link, but BSU is listed with 5/4. Not too shabby!

Unfortunately, Allie Ostrander will not be an Olympian this time

Allie seems to have picked up some new fans in the process of trying for the Olympic team, and while she didn’t make it this time, expect this girl to be back. Going into her sophomore year, she was the only collegiate competitor even on the track—very impressive. We will be tracking her career with great interest in the coming years. In the meantime, Bronco Nation is proud of you, Allie!

Neon Deayon and Darian Thompson are both making a good impression in NY

The all-time leader in Mountain West interceptions and 3rd round pick, Darian Thompson is well on his way to cracking the starting lineup for the Giants. Not to be forgotten, number 3 on the all-time Mountain West interceptions list, and undrafted free agent, Donte Deayon, has also made a strong impression on the Giants coaching staff. This is kind of a long piece, but both are mentioned enough that you may just want give each of their names the old ‘ctrl+f’.

The sometimes polarizing, stats-based Pro Football Focus has a list of gamebreakers

Doug Martin checks in at number 7 on this list. Flirting with an NFL rushing title all season, only to be slightly bested by Adrian Peterson, tends to get you noticed that way. Especially when you lead the league in runs of 20+ yards and broken tackles. Here’s to seeing him and Jay Ajayi on this list, and many others, together next year...


Okay. Well, that’s just cool.