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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 87, Alec Dhaenens

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NCAA Football: Poinsettia Bowl- Boise State vs Northern Illinois Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Day after excruciating day the countdown tumbles along. Since we are now in the 80s, get the benefit of some cool catches and some great statistics. So now that another day is here we have 87 days till Boise State heads down south for, what I can only assume, some great jambalaya!!--Alec Dhaenens.

#87, Alec Dhaenens, RS Junior


Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 247 lbs

High School: Fruitland High School, Fruitland, Idaho

How'd he get to the Blue™?

By playing tag-team with former high school and current middle linebacker Joe Martarano. Martarano and Dhaenens helped lead Fruitland to three Idaho 3A state championship games in football, winning their junior year. When Dhaenens was a junior TE, he had caught 20 passes for 452 yards and six touchdowns. Unfortunately Dhaenens' senior season was cut short due injury. But his junior season he was First-team All Snake River Valley and First-team All State as a tight end.



Stands for "TouchDowns Only Please" as 75% of his catches have been for scores.


James Marsden of X-men fame?

Career Highlights

Though Mr. Dhaenens' accomplishments in high school are a laundry list, his highlights in a Boise State uniform are a little limited, however kind of interesting. As a true freshman he had won the Ultimate OSG Award from the Broncos' head strength and conditioning coach. In Dhaenens' RS freshman year he caught two--TWO--passes the whole year for total of four yards. The best part? Both of those receptions were for touchdowns. He was literally 100% for pass receptions to td ratio. His RS sophomore year saw a slight dip. He caught two passes again for 22 yards but only one touchdown.


Mr. Dhaenens' is also a two time recipient of the Mountain West Conference All-Academic Team.

2016 Prospectus

Mr. Alec Dhaenens is but a cog in the machine of tight ends. That machine's endgoal? A play where the offense is entirely made up of tight ends. Not sure how close (far?) that goal is right now, but one day we may be able bask in its glory. Until then, the machine waits.

As far as Mr. Dhaenens, specifically, is concerned: there are five tight ends on the roster at the end of the spring semester and he and Jake Roh are the most senior members (both redshirt juniors). And, as Casey noted yesterday, Mr. Roh PROBABLY has the starting spot tied down going into next season. This is especially reinforced by the fact that Roh was the starter against Northern Illinois over senior Holden Huff.

But Boise State has always been mindful of using tight ends for not just passing situations, but blocking as well. And this is where Dhaenens will have the advantage as he has a weight advantage (again as Casey noted). But Mr. TDOP has another advantage: when he catches the ball, he scores touchdowns. Therefore, you will need to pay attention to when Mr. Dhaenens is on the field: he's going to score. It must be written into his contract to play at Boise State: scoring plays only. I dig it.

Is he on Twitter?

Sure enough!

Man. That struggle is all too real.

Completely made up fact

Alec's last name is perpetually spelled wrong. It is actually "Dhaenen." But, much like a joke straight out of Parks and Rec, the Broncos' coaches accidentally spelled it with the 's' at the end. Alec was too polite to correct it, so he just went with it. Just like Jerry Garry.