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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: CFBs most accurate QBs; Basketball Signee shines

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Boise State v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

How does a flower get a boat across a lake?

It rose.

College football's most accurate QBs

And Mr. Brett Rypien makes the list. You will have to see who else is on the list. A future opponent makes it!

Boise State basketball signee Marcus Dickinson Jr. shines in all-star game

The kid led the Oklahoma team versus Texas with 22 points. So awesome to read about Boise State future stars performing well.

Jay Ajayi talks about the Dolphins RB situation

All I really need to know is that he is going to start and get most of the carries.

An article about former Boise State RB Kelsey Young

He is hoping to make the final roster at Washington. How great would it be if he were to get some time in the pros?

Gridiron Dreams camp was a success

Fearless Leader's son (Fearless Leader Jr) was in attendance.

And so were some representatives of Boise State

Alex Guerrero:

Jeremy McNichols with the gun show:

And cannot forget Jarrell Root:

The Gridiron Dreams Academy has been quite the success for the Broncos involved. It is great to see them getting involved with future Ballers and training the next generation of Boise State football players.

Speaking of Boise State and camps

The Boise State coaches were also busy looking for future Ballers.

The coaches are imparting their own wisdom and on the hunt.

While not all of these kids will be playing FBS football, or perhaps not continuing after high school, they get the opportunity to be seen b the Bronco staff.

Good luck to both the staff and the kids.

Five dumb ways to split the Big 12 divisions

So the Big 12 is not expanding. Kind of figured as much. But they will be dividing up the teams for some reason. Take a look at some options.


Bored? Just feel like drawing? Live Pen.