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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State All-Blue voting; Broncos on a Phil Steele list; Basketball!

Boise State spring game Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

What kind of storm is always in a rush?

A hurricane.

Boise State no. 26 in Phil Steele’s “experience” chart

Basically it is a review of all the returning talent/seniors that contributed a lot to a particular team. Ken State is no. 1 overall. BYU is no. 4 and, hilariously enough, no. 1 in conference. Go figure.

All-Blue Team: offensive lineman

This was a painful one as there were a LOT of deserving guys.

I always feel so captured by the moment on these guys. But three of these guys have Super Bowl rings (yeah, I know, it is mostly about their college days, but come on). Nate Potter not having more of a career is so bizarre to me. And Rees Odhiambo was still an All-Mountain West selection despite his injuries. Odhiambo will light it up in Seattle.

How did you guys vote?

Want to be a better basketballer?

Let Boise State basketball coach Phil Beckner show you.

The last time I played basketball “officially” was in eighth grade. Predictably: I was not good. But I do appreciate the skill, and work, it takes to do these things so it’s kind of fun to watch it from a teaching perspective.

I just wish I could shoot the three like this.

Rees Odhiambo learning to be a pro

There is a lot that goes into that and, well, he’s going to learn!

Kyle Wilson out for the 2016 season

This was a few days ago, I had just missed it. Sucks for Mr. Wilson. Hopefully he will bounce back for next year.


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