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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 67, Garrett Larson

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Hey guys! Guess what?! We now only have 67 days left until Boise State football. And, since we are just hanging out in the 60s for a spell, let us talk about another lineman—Garrett Larson

#67, Garrett Larson, RS Freshman, OL


Height: 6’ 4”

Weight: 293 lbs (+18)

High School: Fruitland High School, Fruitland, Idaho

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Fruitland High School. Two things we can depend on them for: scenic views and football players that are just bound to be great to Boise State. Hopefully Larson is no different. Garrett Larson was all of these things for the Boise State 2015 recruiting class: three star rated recruit according to 247Sports (two star in Rivals), top-rated tackle in Idaho, number four overall recruit in Idaho. Despite the lack of attention, local kid stays local and took his talents to Boise State. And that is a good thing.

Since Mr. Larson redshirted last year he does not have any Boise State film yet. So let us watch his senior film.


“Mr. Casual”

Because the dude looks super-comfortable in his profile picture.


Musician Ed Sheeran

By no means are any of these selections done in malice. That being said, Mr. Larson is probably going to get these for a couple more years.

Career Highlights

While he does not have any Boise State highlights (yet) his high school accomplishments are a laundry list. Some of which include: started 48 straight games on the offensive line and helped lead Fruitland to the state championship game in each of his four varsity seasons. Mr. Larson was named 3A All-Idaho First Team for three years straight (2012-14), netted All 3A All-Snake River Valley selection all four of his varsity years and first team 2012-14. And for giggles he won the Idaho heavyweight title in wrestling. Kid is accomplished. Look for him to add: BCS Bowl winner, and Super Bowl winner.

2016 Prospectus

Getting some playing time on the line is difficult only because Boise State is always able to have such a dearth (girth?) of able-bodied men to be ready. Mr. Garrett Larson is as “able-bodied” as they come as he was able to add 18 lbs of what I assume is pure muscle forged from the fires of Chuck-a-Rama.

The Broncos are going to be willing to shift guys around to make sure they get playing time. And Mr. Larson may just be one of those guys that they shoehorn in there somehow to get him game time and experience. He’s got the credentials to make an immediate impact for the Broncos, but the question is, who else will answer that call as well? The two obvious holes are center and left tackle as those were spots that were vacated by graduation. But what of the rest? Does Archie Lewis (who I presume is the starter at left tackle since he’s the most experienced) regain his spot? He was spotty last year and had an adjustment period. Do any of the other redshirt seniors plan on taking snaps away from Larson? Perhaps.

In short: Mr. Larson definitely plays this season. He is going to be a talent that has to see the field simply because he will be that good. If I were a betting person I would set the over/under that Mr. Larson starts a game at six, where I would bet the under. But I will say he he at least makes an appearance in all regular-season games and, quite possibly, a post-season game.

Is he on Twitter?

Yes he is. And you should click on his profile because he certainly has an opinion about his recruiting ranking.

Also: Die Hard enthusiast.

Completely made up fact

Garrett’s parents were going to name him “Carson” after the late Tonight Show host Johnny Carson. But Garrett’s mother laid the final veto after Garrett’s father played his hand a little too soon. Garrett’s father was going to make a ton of “you will go, Carson Larson, far son” jokes. Alas, none were to be had.