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Boise State alum Faraji Wright still grinding as 'Rexx Life Raj'

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Christian Petersen/Getty Images

From protecting Kellen Moore's blind side to releasing B-sides, Faraji Wright has enjoyed a rather meteoric rap rise since rapping about Kyle Wilson "Goin' to the League", and now his first album is out and the youths tell me it's a "banger".


Wright, who was making mixtapes even when he was playing guard on some of the most successful Bronco teams of all time, now raps under the moniker of Rexx Life Raj and hopefully Jurassic Park won't be going after his branding efforts. By the way, the Bronco-centric rap song "Blue and Orange Drip" that plays before Boise State home games was penned (and rapped) by Mr. Wright.

Rexx Life Raj's music may not be for everyone...and the explicit lyrics stamp isn't just for grins, but it's great to see a Bronco realize his dreams and you have to respect the effort it took to make them a reality. Well done, Faraji.