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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State’s James Webb signs contract; So does Mikey Thompson

NCAA Basketball: Boise State at Air Force Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Why are ghosts so fat?

They refuse to exorcise.

Former Bronco basketballer James Webb went undrafted

But he did, however, get signed with the 76ers with a two year contract.

(Side note: Rondell McNair is really good at photoshop.)

So there is a silver lining in all of this. He has the ability to make a roster and make some money.

Though the 76ers were... kind of bad in the 2015-16 season.

But that does not mean they aren’t going to get some sort of better. This is where Mr. Webb comes in. If he can do what is necessary to be a substantial part of the team, and help them be respectable in the next few years, how incredible would that be? He could be an integral part of the 76ers’ rebuilding efforts. And that could be something to be very proud of.

So congratulations to Mr. Webb and here is to many years in the NBA.

Mikey Thompson ALSO signs a pro contract!

In Slovakia! So that should be fun. Getting to travel around Europe and play your favorite sport and get paid to do it? Better than some other people get. Who knows. This could be what he needs to make a roster stateside.

Boise State golf signee Brian Humphreys had a good weekend

He finished in the 107th Oregon Amateur golf tournament in second place. That is incredible. He started out at as a 34 seed. And finished second! If I tried to play in a golf tournament, amateur or otherwise, they would probably call the police on me for trespassing. And I would not blame them.

Congratulations to Mr. Humphreys and I very much look forward to adding his name to the OBNUG Game Balls and his future success.

Boise State soccer signee Raimee Sherle did a good

Seeing a local club soccer team do well on a national stage is pretty awesome. And one of those athletes staying local is another win for the Broncos and the community. Perhaps Ms. Sherle will also be making an appearance on Game Balls.

Monmouth sells naming rights to arena

Uses Boise State / Taco Bell Arena as a reference. Speaking of which, that contract finishes out in 2019. That’s just three years away. Am curious if the administration is going to let it expire or try and get some other sponsor. Maybe get more than $4 million for 15 years? Not sure what the good going rate is, but the Pavilion has a great ring to it.

Maybe we should start a Go Fund Me-type campaign to name it OBNUG Arena? Or, perhaps, buy the naming rights and just go with the Pavilion. Sounds like a plan to me.


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