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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 68, Dan Urquhart

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NCAA Football: Poinsettia Bowl- Boise State vs Northern Illinois Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we are on to the sixties we get even more linemen. Yay! Now that there are only 68 days left to Boise State kickoff up next we have Dan Urquhart.

#68, Dan Urquhart, RS Senior, OL


Height: 6’ 7”

Weight: 331 lbs (+7)

High School: Eden Prairie High School, Eden Prarie, Minnesota (Alderson Broaddus University)

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Mr. Urquhart’s path to Boise State is a bit of a circuitous one. He graduated from high school a Minnesota class 5A state champion. Here is where it gets a little funky. From high school he went to Hargrave Military Academy in Minnesota. But was never listed on the roster. However he was listed on Alderson Broaddus’ roster since 2012. Must have been a few changes. Mr. Urquhart does not have a profile on any of the major recruiting sites, nor ESPN. He did walk-on to Boise State’s roster last year. Since he did not appear in a game for the Broncos last year, you can watch his 2014 highlights at Alderson Broaddus. He battled at left guard and tackle for the (wait for it) Battlers.



It had to have come up at some point, right?


Comedian Will Sasso

Career Highlights

Aside from the aforementioned state champion (which is pretty awesome in its own right) not a whole lot of recorded highlights. Aside from contributing to a championship, Mr. Urquhart also helped the Battlers get to 7-4 in their second season of football. Again, not too shabby for a relatively new program. I assume his highlights will be forthcoming this year.

2016 Prospectus

Because of Mr. Urquhart’s sheer size he looks like a shoe-in (at least on paper) to get some playing time. But that does not always happen as we saw last year. Probably due to his first year on the team, and the growing pains that comes with that, he was not able really get much of a chance. But now that he is in his last year of collegiate competition he is going to need to make a move.

At Alderson he showed his ability to play both the guard and the tackle. That type of flexibility will work wonders for his opportunities. Because it is almost a guarantee that someone on the line is going to get nicked up, Urquhart will get some time in a game.

Starter? My vote is no. The reason why the offensive line has so much potential is that there are quite a few guys that have the ability to make an impact on the field. Great for depth, not so great if you want to have lots of playing time. Barring injury it looks as though he will be mostly special teams and making appearances on the Bronco two-deep.

Is he on Twitter?

Yes he is.

Completely NOT made up fact

He is an official census surveyor for dogs. Apparently.