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Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Boise State's James Webb didn't hear his name called in last night's NBA draft but he did answer a call from Philadelphia late Thursday evening—and that's where he'll be headed as a free agent. The free agent deal actually looks like a pretty good resolution to this whole process for Webb, as he's reportedly got a "partially guaranteed" two-year deal with the Sixers and an opportunity to compete for a roster spot. The Sixers added 3 first round picks last night, including the number one overall pick Ben Simmons, from LSU. Philly is looking to fill out their summer league roster and it appears Webb will have a spot alongside drafted and undrafted 1st and 2nd year players in the 76ers organization. Philadelphia begins summer league play on July 9th in Las if you're in town catching a Celine Dion show, you might have a chance to catch Webbie in action. By the way, I'm "partially guaranteed" to lay on the couch and watch Netflix this evening.