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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Rees Odhiambo a draft steal?; Boise State golf signee advances

Boise State v Colorado State Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

When is a car not a car?

When it is turning into a driveway.

Boise State basketball coaches to be at the U17 World Championships

A possibility for the staff to find some talent. This should be a rich talent pool of up-and-coming kids looking for an opportunity on a college roster. A bunch of other schools are going to be there as well, so the competition is going to be fierce, so coaches being able to pounce on a guy will be critical.

Boise State golf signee advances in Oregon Amateur Championship

The no. 34 seed Brian Humphreys from Washougal, Washington upset the no. 2 seed Kevin Murphy to advance (Humphreys beat Jake Quast in the next round). Which, if you think about it, is pretty awesome because Mr. Murphy is a JUNIOR at Oregon State and Mr. Humphreys is going to be a true freshman headed into Boise State next fall. Let us all root for Mr. Humphreys!

Boise State swimmers trying to make Olympic squad

Good luck to Sam Wicks, Brittany Aoyama and Emma Chard. They are going to try to be some of the best swimmers in the world.

I am probably going to dip bacon in syrup tomorrow for breakfast.

Same diff.

Former Bronco James Webb III goes undrafted

What a bummer it is.

Which means that former Bronco Roberto Bergesen remains the last player from Boise State to get drafted into the NBA.

Mr. Webb will have his opportunity to play for a team. He’ll hit the summer league and get some work done to get a free agent deal and make a roster. Not much can be done after that.

I still fully believe that he will get paid to play basketball. Just what team, and how much, will be decided.

Nevada increasing football ticket prices to pay cost of attendance

I am still not sure how Boise State has the highest cost of attendance figure at $5,100. How is San Diego State or Hawaii not higher? This still blows my mind. What is interesting is that Nevada will still not pay the full stipend, but a smaller number. Their prerogative I suppose. On the outset it certainly seems that the higher number is more enticing for a kid. Last I checked $5,100 goes quite a ways in Boise.

Former Bronco Rees Odhiambo an NFL Draft steal?


Interesting that he is a “pure guard” in the NFL when he was left tackle at Boise State. I sure hope he is able to stay healthy, and on the field, so he can continue to be a force.

Doing anything October 15th?

Boise State is going to be doing this thing for that one game that was apparently a big deal. Or, whatever.


Hi Face.