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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: All-Blue Specialists; Troy Bacon; Boise State doctoral student

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NCAA Football: Boise State at Utah State Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

A man bought an elephant for his friend’s room.

Friend: “Hey, thanks!”

Man: “Don’t mention it.”

All-Blue Team voting: Specialists

This was a little more clear to me whom I should choose.

Brotz is almost a no brainer as a kicker as he is currently 8th in the NCAA record for points. (Side note: Brock Forsey is number 20 on that same list.)

For punter, being honest, I am unfamiliar with Mr. Edwards’ work so voting what I knew.

Returns, Chris Carr used that preparation to net a pretty decent NFL career.

How did you guys vote?

Former Bronco Troy Bacon pleads guilty for impersonating an officer

This is a weird turn of events for the former Boise State lineman. Not sure what to make of it other than he got overzealous with the whole “I am going to be in law enforcement when I grow up” thing. Hopefully Mr. Bacon will be able to turn his head around and figure some stuff out and stop things like this.

Boise State doctoral student working to help hydrate athletes

The only hydration I ever really worry about is making sure I drink enough water throughout the day.


Compare anything.