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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 75, Kole Bailey

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Wow. Last time I wrote a countdown article we were still in the 80's. Now we're already halfway through the 70's?? That's crazy! Let's dish some info on another newbie to the OL, #75 Kole Bailey.

#75, Kole Bailey, True Freshman, OT

Kole Bailey


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 288lbs

High School: Twin Falls High School, Twin Falls, ID

How'd he get to the Blue™?

He actually came to the Blue™ very quickly. He green shirted, which doesn't happen a ton. For those unaware, green shirting involves graduating early from high school to attend college for the season prior to when a true freshman would usually arrive. Kole was listed as the #1 recruit in the state of Idaho for the 2016 class. While Idaho isn't necessarily a "hot bed" for recruiting, we are not lacking in talent here in the Gem State. Kole is definitely indicative of the kind of under recruited talent that comes out of Idaho. He was named to the All-Idaho 4A First Team as a senior, and All-Idaho Second Team and All-Conference First Team as a junior. He received offers from SDSU and Nevada as well, but committed to the Broncos in June of 2015.


"The Baker"


Pancakes all day...


JJ Watt

JJ Watt

Career Highlights

As I stated above, he was first-team All-State 4A as a senior and second-team All-State 4A and first-team All-conference as a junior. I was listed as a 3-star recruit by Scout and 247 AND named the #1 player in the state by Scout.

2016 Prospectus

As Drew stated yesterday, Kole will most likely red shirt along with the rest of the 2016 offensive lineman in this class. Having said that, Kole will be in PERFECT position to start next year. We will be graduating 6 seniors in Will Adams, Travis Averill, Steven Baggett, Kellen Buhr, Dan Urqhart and Mario Yakoo. Those will be some big shoes to fill, but Kole is most definitely up to the task. Now, I've stated in past articles that I am TERRIBLE at identifying where a player on the OL should/will play. Kole is no different. Broncosports has him listed as OL, so that could be anywhere. Based on his high school film, he could very easily play left tackle. Whether he plays there or not at the college level, I don't know unfortunately.

A year red shirting will allow Kole and the rest of the 2016 OL freshman to get used to the pace of college ball as well as learning the ropes on the Blue. Some will need a little more time than others, but as of late, I feel like the players we have been bringing in have been more college ready than maybe some of the previous classes.

Is he on Twitter?

He's a good kid, isn't he?

Completely made up fact

Breakfast is naturally Kole's favorite meal of the day. But, he is bored of pancakes and has been since he started high school since he spends so much time making them in the field, that is, in the form of blocks. He favorite dish for breakfast is the pancake's French cousin: the crepe. Dust it with a little powdered sugar and top it with strawberries and he's in heaven.