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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 93, Jake Knight

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And how!

Drew Roberts

The season is coming at us faster than lead from a Chicago Typewriter—so hop on this train as it steams toward the station! We've but 93 days until the Broncos hit the gridiron, so join me as we keep a weather eye on #93 on the Boise State roster—Jake Knight

#93, Jake Knight, Sophomore, TE



Height: 6'4"

Weight: 239 lbs

High School: Rocky Mountain High School, Meridian, ID

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Mr. Knight took a circuitous route to return home but the local boy is back and ready to work. Knight accepted an offer to Oregon State to play football, but turned heels and headed for the deep south to ply his track and field craft. Knight spent one year at Auburn before returning to the pleasantly arid Treasure Valley—quite a journey, but now he's on the trolley! Jake (Christian name "Jacob" one would assume) was a champion at both putting shot AND discus at Rocky Mountain, and caught 27 passes for 526 yards and 8 touch-downs as a senior.


"Juke Joint Jake"

"Toughy Rogerson"

"Jalopy Jake"

"Torque Manwaring"

"Jitney Joe"

"Old Dutch"



Tell me Mr. Knight is not the spitting image of my close personal chum Paddy Driscoll!

Career Highlights

Put the shot 53 feet (I'll be damned if I use metric) at SEC "Indoors" Championships while competing for Auburn. Won 5A state championships in discus and shot put while at Rocky Mountain Secondary School.

2016 Prospectus

If one had any preconceived notions that Mr. Knight was a hayburner, put those kids to bed without supper because after observing the Spring Game, it's fair to say this stout youngster can really get a wiggle on. Possessed with the stature of Georg Hackenschmidt and the football acumen of Ernie Nevers (most recently of the Duluth Eskimos), I can foresee Knight cutting quite a profile en route to the end-zone this Fall. Knight was "one that got away" after taking his talents to Auburn University to heave lead shot, but absence made his heart grow fonder toward local climes and he returned triumphantly June last. After a year of weights-training and medicine ball regimens Mr. Knight is ready to take the field in blue and orange and this old timey reporter thinks he could be one of the surprises of the season. Mr. Knight can block like a fullback, but runs like a fullback, so I think you're beginning to see why observers are calling his skill set both "spiffy" and "keen" (their words, not mine). Jake Roh will once again haul in the Turk's share of the for-ward passes this year, but I expect Messrs. Knight, Blakley, and Dhaenens to vie equally for the remainder...and fortune favors the tight-end that can do the hood's job and the hoofer's (block and catch), and I've seen Knight do both with my own eye (my left eye was lost to a pygmy in Malay Lands).

Is he on Twitter?

I don't know what this is and frankly it sounds like a Hun plot.

Completely made up fact

Jake entered into a match race against Charley Paddock, Red Grange, and Man O' War and emerged victorious!