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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Hendrix files an appeal; Vote on your favorite Boise State DB

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NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Marquis Hendrix to file an appeal on his expulsion

This situation is most likely to get worse, and uglier, than better any time soon. No one is going to be able to come back from this looking ok.

Vote for your favorite DB

Here is my ballot.

I don't know/think there is any way I can ultimately defend my choices for Mikell and Nurse. They were studs when I first got to Boise State so they hold sentimental value for me.

Kellen Moore a focus at Cowboys' OTAs

Kellen has definitely had his opportunities in the NFL and he's continuing to get them. I, honestly, do now know if he'll be a career back up or have another opportunity to start. I sure hope he does start again, but there is a lot going against him. But the fact that he continues to be a solid option for the Cowboys is all that matters.

Darian Thompson is going to get paid to make QBs look bad

And quite handsomely.

I mean sure, yeah, if that's your thing. It must be such a mind trip to go from broke college kid to millionaire in one felt pen-stroke.

Congratulations to Mr. Thompson. Hopefully some of that money makes it's way to Boise State...

Kamalei Correa making a move to inside linebacker?

You can watch a dedicated video of Mr. Correa here.

Correa is such a versatile athlete that he could probably be punt returner and do well.

Donte Deayon also getting some love

Great to see so many former Boise State athletes getting this much love.


See if you can change the color of the ball on a string.