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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 84, Bubba Ogbebor

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Boise State v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s a Saturday. But much like the days between now and kickoff never rest, the countdown must keep chugging along. With 84 days until kickoff we are going to cover a yet to be Bronco-numbered soul—Bubba Ogbebor.

#84, Bubba Ogbebor, Freshman

Bubba ogbebor

(Photo courtesy of 247sports.)


Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 191 lbs

High School: Heritage High School, Frisco, Texas

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Frisco, Texas has been pretty good to Boise State. Fellow Bronco receiver David McKinzie also hails from Frisco (albeit a different high school Princeton High School). Mr. Ogbebor spurned some pretty decent offers. As a three-star recruit per the 247Sports composite, Ogbebor turned down offers such as Texas Tech, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, and--possibly the biggest deal of them all—Nevada.

There was a pretty decent flirtation with Oklahoma. And, if we’re being completely honest and real here, had Oklahoma offered Ogbebor he would have taken it. But they did not and so the rest is history and the Broncos landed a really good receiving target for Brett Rypien.



Because when you go by “Bubba” on the regular, you get a regular name like one of us normals.


A young LeVar Burton. Coincidentally enough, like Mr. Burton, Ogbebor wants to give you a reason to read... defenses.

Career Highlights

In Mr. Ogbebor’s senior year of high school he amassed 67 catches for 1,214 yards, and 13 touchdowns. He also had three rushes for 59 yards (his long was 33). Ogbebor was also an all-district selection. He made the District 9-5A All-District first team offense both his junior and senior year. And Class 5A All-State football honorable mention his senior year and third team All-State as a junior.

He was also once nominated for Mr. Texas Football as a junior.

Ogbebor was also in Mr. Texas Football’s Top 150 list.

I feel as though another important thing about that Tweet above is the comment that immediately followed:

If you do not know who “Alex from Target” is, do not be discouraged. You are not missing much. As such, if you were so inclined, you could Google “Alex from Target” if you wanted to be “in the know.”

2016 Prospectus

The Broncos got some “good gets” in this receiving class in both offense and defense. For receivers, the Broncos already know the first two targets. Thomas Sperbeck and Chaz Anderson. Then there is JuCo transfer JR Cedrick Wilson who, I am guessing, is no slouch. Then there’s Akilian Butler who the Bronco staff decided was good enough to play as a true freshman. Long-awaited A.J. Richardson should get some more time.

So what about our countdown spotlight Mr. Ogbebor? The kid has the talent to start not only here, but probably over half of the Mountain West Conference. But the important thing is that he probably (hopefully) will not have to play at all this year. The Broncos have some good leaders, good height, and good depth to be able to shelve Mr. Ogbebor for a year to get him some time to really get acquainted with the next level of football. Unless, of course, he is just too good to leave on the bench. Well, then might as well throw him out there and see what he can do.

Is he on Twitter?


And asking the hard-hitting questions.

Completely made up fact

Wants to some day race in the Indy 500. But, unfortunately, has a fear of left turns. While it makes that dream somewhat unattainable (along with walking a runway as a male model), it will make for some pretty hilarious route running.