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Broncos receive verbal pledge from big-hitting JuCo safety

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Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos 2017 recruiting class is still fairly small, with only 3 total members...yet two of them are now named "Mike Young". Whether the Broncos are selfishly hoarding Mike Youngs remains to be seen, but the 2nd Young of the class is noticeably smaller than the first. You may recall that on May 25th, Queen Creek (AZ) O-lineman Mike Young kicked off the '17 class by announcing for the Broncos, well now Dodge City CC safety Mike Young (6' 207 lbs.) has decided to hop on board as well. As a freshman last season at Dodge City (KS), Young racked up 77 total tackles (5 for-loss), 2 forced fumbles, 5 pass break-ups, and a sack and will provide some extra depth for the Broncos at a position that has not been terribly deep of late. Young announced his commitment on twitter minutes after the familiar "GO BRONCOS" tweet by Coach Harsin hit our timelines.

Young's announcement was a particularly poignant one, as he just lost his grandmother on May 31—be sure to read it in its entirety. Below are some highlights of the big hitter, who was being pursued by Troy, UAB, Iowa State, Baylor, Arkansas State, and Bowling Green among others.

Young (#2) is the third known commit of the 2017 class, but you know the drill...nothing is official till signing day—we'll keep you posted if Young ends up being eligible for a mid-year transfer to join the team earlier than his other 2017 cohorts, but haven't seen anything yet to indicate that's in the cards. At this point, I think Harsin said it best, "GO BRONCOS"