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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: More Boise State Track & field All-Americans; Shea McClellin; Donte Deayon

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Washington Redskins v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I hate cleaning windows.

It’s such a pane.

Boise State adds two more All-Americans in track & field

Brenna Peloquin finished eighth in the women’s 10,000 meters and Minttu Hukka finished 20th in the steeplechase.

Peloquin had hovered in the second and third spot for a good portion of the race, but didn’t quite have the gas to finish in the top three. But still. As a freshman being able to duke it out with a bunch of seniors (a senior from Arkansas won handily)? That is pretty impressive. Peloquin races in the women’s 5,000 meters this Saturday.

A hearty congratulations to all three of Boise State’s All-Americans!

Vote for All-Blue linebackers

This is almost unfair to do at this point. And we’re only on linebackers!!!

Here is my ballot.

An article about Shea McClellin and his background for those in Foxboro

My favorite line:

"Oh, yeah, definitely a chip on the shoulder," he said. "That's the blue-collar way, that's the way I grew up, that's the way Boise State runs things, too, so it's nothing I'm not used to."

Curious statements about his grandparents and McClellin’s tenure with the Bears. In that he does not want to talk about either. The former is his personal business and that is entirely up to him to talk about, the latter kind of seems like the Bears did not give him a fair shake by not picking up his fifth year option.

These guys rank CFBs best wide receivers and tight ends

Thomas Sperbeck and Jake Roh make the cut. You’ll have to click to find out where though.

Rees Odhiambo working with the second team o-line

He’s like a panther stalking his prey ready to POUNCE!

Donte Deayon makes a SECOND interception this week

Granted, they both were on Ryan Nassib. But Deayon was with the second team. As an undrafted free agent.

He is going to make a lot of QBs, and team ownership, look foolish.


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