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Boise State unveils All-Blue Team voting

NCAA Football: Mountain West Football Championship-Fresno State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

To help celebrate 30 years of the Blue™, Boise State has decided to involve the fans in a bit of fun voting with the All-Blue team. To which former, and apparently current, Broncos are eligible to be included on a prestigious Boise State list. In some cases the voting could be quite the conundrum (did you look at the QB candidates?!). Or some obvious picks (Who is Boise State kidding? MIght as well peg Kellen Moore as de facto number one as from there it is a race for number QB number 2.).

We plan on putting in our two cents regarding some of these selections. Whether we are captured in the moment (Brett Rypien 2015-present) or going a bit more "old school" to prove our Boise State hipster bonafides (Larry Stayner 1988-1991). This is definitely slight and not to saying that Rypien doesn't deserve to be on this list. By all accounts, he's done admirably in his first year and met at least one piece of the criterion. But the inclusion does seem a bit premature given he is only a true sophomore headed into next year.

In fact there are three current players that are eligible for the voting: Rypien, Thomas Sperbeck, and Tyler Rausa. Sperbeck and Rausa are at least seniors. But, perhaps, an argument for Rypien is that he's made this list as a true freshman. That could be a legitimate reason to vote for him.

So what are the areas of emphasis that were the deciding factors for this list?

  1. Earned All-America recognition
  2. Earned first-team all-conference recognition
  3. Own a major Boise State statistical career record
  4. Have been selected in the NFL Draft

Just the criteria itself is up for fun debate. The fourth item, for example, could have been trimmed to top three rounds. To place a heavier emphasis on the meaning of what it takes to be drafted.

I was bemused by the exclusion of a certain quarterback that has had his number retired by the Broncos. That in, and of, itself is a fantastic feat considering a certain QB that is arguably "better" can not even get his number retired. Just... put on hold... for a spell. But then a great point was brought to my attention.

Since the celebration is the 30th anniversary of the Blue™, then it stands to reason that the "recent" history of the Broncos would be up for consideration.

Anyway, this should be a fun summer event for Bronco Nation to take part. We will get to have some spirited debate and get a chance to relive old glories and fun tales of games, and players, that helped shape the Bronco ethos. And maybe we will have some surprises that will leave us smiling--or frowning. We should all look forward to keeping this conversation going throughout the summer.

Your Turn

Do you plan on partaking in the voting? Have any early favorites or thoughts? Looking forward to some position groups over the others? Why isn't there a "Awesome Fan Blog" category? Feels like there is a lost opportunity there.