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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Former Bronco Geraldo Boldewijn in BC; TCU & Utah P5 progress

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Geraldo Hiwat vs LaTech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?

Great food. No atmosphere.

How have TCU and Utah fared since moving to power conferences

This is a fair assessment of each team's performance since moving up. The short answer: there will be pain. Lots of it. And it will be worth (if Boise State gets the call up).

What happens next is up to the fan base to rally around the coaches and know that, despite the hard times, the important thing to know is to stick out the tough times. This will all probably be moot since Boise state will most likely not even get an invite (it is nice to dream) but the warning signs are all there.

We cannot take winning for granted, so it is important to understand what goes into this whole thing. The ups will be way better. But the downs are going to hit.


Article about former Bronco Geraldo Boldewijn

Pretty fun article catching up with Mr. Boldewijn as he continues his pro football career in the great north. He has made quite the jump from being all about the "other" football to the American version. He's made the best of his chances. I hope he has quite the success while playing for the BC Lions and, who knows, maybe he might make an appearance in the NFL.

Win totals for all 128 FBS teams

Let us just hope our hometown team doesn't let us down. Would be nice to be the frontrunners again.

Have you been keeping up with the OBNUG countdown?

Today marks 94 days so keep an eye out for today's edition!


Falling guy. Works really well if you have a mouse with the scroll wheel and you can really get him going.