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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 94, Sam McCaskill

Doing some heavy lifting!

Wyoming v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

We are in the throes of it now folks. It only seemed like about a week ago we started this whole thing and look at us go. Today there is "only" 94 days until the Broncos kick off against the Ragin' Cajuns of Louisiana-Lafayette down in Lafayette, Louisiana (that was a weird sentence to write as I assume it was to read). So who is number 94 on the roster? Well that would be--Sam McCaskill.

#94, Sam McCaskill, RS Senior


Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 256 lbs

High School: Sheldon High School, Eugene, Oregon

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Coming out of high school Sam McCaskill was a two-star rated defensive end prospect according to Rivals. He "only" had four offers: Boise State, Montana, Portland State, and Pac-12 hanger-on Oregon State. We all should know how that recruiting process ended for McCaskill (hint: awesomely).

Despite the "few" offers, Mr. McCaskill did some good things for his alma mater Sheldon High School. He was on the all-state team and Southwest Conference Defensive Player of the Year. He got those distinguished honors because he had 115 tackles and 16 sacks.

So... he was kind of good in high school. (And it has carried over!)


"I am"

Last I heard he actually does like green eggs and ham.


Simon Cowell (If you hate this pick, I blame Google Image search.)

Career Highlights

Mr. McCaskill has had a steady career for the Broncos albeit not one that has been overly flashy. Probably a side-effect of having a second-round NFL draftee as one End and Tyler Horn as the other. His junior year he appeared in every game in a back-up role. He had 17 total tackles (seven solo), and half a sack. This was actually a step back for McCaskill when you compare his stats from his redshirt sophomore year (26 total tackles and 2.5 sacks). But he certainly is no slouch in the classroom as he has made the Mountain West Conference all-academic list three years running.

2016 Prospectus

I know it feels like forever ago, but remember how I mentioned that McCaskill was behind Tyler Horn and NFL second-rounder Kamalei Correa on the other End? Well McCaskill may finally get his time to shine this year since those two guys are gone. One guy (Correa) would have hogged all the tackles this year and the other guy (Horn), well, he did the whole graduating thing. McCaskill is waiting in the wings!

The Broncos did lose some great starters and impact players on the defensive line, but McCaskill is no slouch. Gabriel Perez (and his awesome man-bun) will be returning after missing last year with an injury (reminder: he is pretty good in his own right). But Mr. Perez's return should not impact McCaskill too much seeing as how McCaskill was the "only" back up to Tyler Horn and Perez "technically" is the STUD end while McCaskill is "normal" End. Had Mr. Perez played last year Jabril Frazier and/or Durrant Miles probably would have been on the other side on the depth chart.

If we are looking solely at how the depth chart played out last year, we could probably pencil in McCaskill as the new starter at the End position for the Broncos. The coaching staff brought some players who could see some immediate time in the last recruiting class, but that does not necessarily mean anything negative for McCaskill. The STUD end saw Jabril Frazier and Durrant Miles as backups to Mr. Correa. So unless one of those two make a shift to the other side (entirely plausible) McCaskill is looking prime to be the "next man up" as it were.

Is he on Twitter?

It does not appear so. There are quite a few individuals called "Sam McCaskill" in the Twitter-verse, but couldn't find any that appeared to play for Boise State.

Completely made up fact

Sam is his actual first name. As in, it is not short for Samuel, Samwise, (Sammich?) or any of the other fun names that could have "Sam" in it. This is mostly because his parents were trying to come up with an anagram of their last name that could comprise of "Sam" as his first name and whatever they came up with as his middle name (they also knew that one day a pioneering fan blog would make anagram names a big deal). But they did not think "Lick" would be very appropriate as a middle name. Plus they had some extra letters. But they did like the name Sam, so it stuck.