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Boise State Game Balls for week of May 1st

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

It's another Monday that is upon us. So I guess we'll hand out some Game Balls!

Game Ball One:

Rebekah Cervantes (softball)

Ms. Cervantes was able to help avoid a series sweep, on May 1st, against New Mexico by going 3-4, one run, and five put outs (I admit, I had to look that one up. Apparently a "put out" is when a defensive player is the last player in a play that resulted in an out). The Broncos are really deft at bringing runners home, and Cervantes doesn't disappoint.

Congratulations to Ms. Cervantes!

Game Ball Two:

Brenna Peloquin (track)

Looks as though Boise State has another one of those "good runners" in the pack. Ms. Peloquin ran the 10,000 meters in 33:03.48 at the Payton Jordan Invitational at Stanford. Second-fastest time in school history and, so far, the fourth-fastest in the Mountain West Conference. She finished 28th in the fastest section. But some of the best in the world was there, so Peloquin being able to represent as well as she did is awesome. This collegiate time will almost ensure an appearance at the NCAA regionals at the end of the month.

Congratulations Ms. Peloquin!

Game Ball Three:

Makenzie Sullivan (softball)

Against the Spartans last Friday, Ms. Sullivan had herself a night. Sullivan had one dinger (that is slang for "home run" in case you weren't aware), two runs, and three runners batted in. Despite all this, the Broncos still dropped the game. However it certainly wasn't due to Sullivan's at bats.

Congratulations to Ms. Sullivan

Game Ball Four:

Jeff Lautenslager (track)

Mr. Lautenslager runs like it is going out of style. And at the Oregon Twilight on Friday, he may have secured himself a spot in the NCAA regionals. He clocked in at a career-best 3:44.77 in the 1,500 meters. That puts him with the 47th best time in the west. The NCAA takes the top 48 so he's just right there. Hopefully it will be enough to secure an appearance from the sophomore Bronco.

Congratulations Mr. Lautenslager!

Your turn

It was a slow week last week. The semester is coming to an end and with it a lot of competitions. Congratulations to this weeks recipients!