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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State alum Anthony Drmic signs with Australian team

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Throwback Thursday!

What do you call cheese by itself?


Anthony Drmic is going to be playing professional basketball

Which is fantastic news for the Former Boise State stand out. He is signing a 2-year deal with the Adelaide 36ers.

Though he is still going to try and land on an NBA team.

Mr. Drmic will finally be able to get all the way healthy. The ankle that he had surgery before the Broncos' 2015-16 season unfortunately hampered what could have been a pretty magical senior season for Drmic. Falling just short of the Boise State scoring title being one of his achievements.

Congratulations to Mr. Drmic and hopefully we'll be able to look his upcoming pro career and smile.

39 Broncos graduating this fall and summer

Seems like it was only yesterday we were all mildly stalking them/living vicariously through their achievements. Congratulations to all these athletes on accomplishing a milestone. As they move on to other things, may they have success.

Fearless Leader trying to get the hype machine going

And it is working!

I mean, it's no longer 22 days. But still. The countdown is coming. And it will be glorious.

Big 12, blah, blah, blah

I did such a hard eyeroll, they almost fell out of my head.


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