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Boise State Recruiting: A Mountain West Comparison

We all love our Broncos and know they kill it in the recruiting game. How do they stack up against the rest of the Mountain West?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, the Nevada Wolfpack. Any Bronco fan who has been around the last few years seethes with righteous rage when they hear the name. Rightfully so. Much like Fresno State, whom we covered last week, Nevada had one AMAZING year, then kind of peaked and have not done much since "the game of which we do not speak". Yeah, they had a couple solid seasons here and there, but stole our thunder, or at least people speak of a game in which we lost to them, but I don't recall such a preposterous thing happening. BUT, even if it did happen, it is in the past. How might they fare in 2016? That remains to be seen at this point, obviously. Are there any players that could help bring them out of mediocrity? Let's evaluate the top players of their 2015 class, shall we?

Lawson Hall, LB, Harbor City, CA (Narbonne) 6'1" 210lbs

Lawson is a defensive monster. While at Narbonne, which is AJ Richardson's alma mater for those paying attention, he racked up 162 total tackles, with 126 being solo, in just his senior season. To go along with that, he had 26 TFL and 2 sacks AND 3 interceptions. Talk about productive. Aside from Nevada, Lawson also had offers from Colorado State and Fresno State. His film backs up the stats. He consistently puts himself in position to make plays every down. He's quick and has great vision. I'd say he's a solid pick-up for the Wolfpack. It will be interesting to see if he production translates to the college level.

Nick Gregg, DT, Sparks, NV (Reed) 6' 305lbs

Aside from Nevada, Nick's other offer was from Fresno State. Being in the Wolfpack's backyard, I find it unlikely he would be going anywhere else. He was incredibly productive as a DT, amassing 79 total tackles, 22 solo, 14 TFL and 8 sacks as a senior at Reed. He even had an interception. At 6' and 305lbs, he is a compact load to handle. While he isn't fast and he could stand to quicken his first step, he has solid agility, even chasing down a receiver on one play.

Trevion Armstrong, WR, Richmond, VA (Trinity Episcopal) 6'2" 220lbs

Nevada went quite a ways away to nab Trevion. He had some solid offers himself, including Pitt, Illinois, Marshall and Temple. While none of those are BIG names, they are schools to get offers from. Max Preps does not have compiled stats for him unfortunately. His Nevada profile, however, did have his stats. He racked up 987 receiving yards on 56 receptions ending in 17 TDs as a senior. He had 63 receptions for 1,063 yards and 19 TDs as a junior. Very respectable numbers, especially the TDs. I'm not sure how competitive Virginia high school ball is, but he seemed to impose his will upon the hapless secondaries he played against. He's a big receiver, and while 4.6 is far from elite speed, it's plenty fast to outrun players. He also has a large catch radius that will be much needed at the college level.

Well that will do it this week. It pains me to say nice things about anything involving Nevada, but I can't fault these kids for wanting to play at the next level. Hopefully they like corn dogs. Next week: UNLV. GO BRONCOS!