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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: James Webb working out; Boise State gets QB commit

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I am not addicted to brake fluid.

I can stop whenever I want.

Former Bronco James Webb III getting it done in workouts

He is making an impression wherever he goes.

Such a cool thing to see that Webb is being taken seriously in this draft process. It is a testament to his hard work that he is given this opportunity.

It is also a strength and a pelt on Leon Rice's wall that shows he can recruit and develop players for the next level. Rice was able to keep Webb "stashed away" until Webb was able to make the jump from junior college to Boise State. And then Rice was able to help get Webb ready for the challenge while at Boise State.

Kudos to both of these guys and one can only assume that Webb's likeness will be used in future Boise State promotional literature (with appropriate compensation of course).

Chase Cord commits to Boise State football

In case you missed it in the flurry of everything yesterday, Boise State nabbed its QB for the 2017 recruiting year.

Mr. Cord is the second recruit for Boise State and it is a big deal. He's a big get for the recruiting class. And why is that?

Make sure to take a look at his offer sheet. Quite impressive. Two Big Ten, one Big 12, and three Pac-12 teams offered Mr. Cord. Not to mention Harvard and Colombia. Boise State nabbing him is a big deal.

And the puns will be glorious.


Boise State coach Steve Caldwell to speak at an event

If you ever get a chance to hear Coach Caldwell speak, you need to take it. The guy is such a great person to listen to. I don't know how Boise State ever loses a recruit when he gets in front of the prospect, and his parents, but I can only assume there are some NCAA violations going on.


This one is kind of neat. You can rotate the thing around.