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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Basketball and football commit; Mother's day gift

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Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Why did the can-crusher quit his job?

Because it was soda-pressing.

Boise State men's basketball gets another recruit

Cameron Oluyitan from Sheridan College. You can check his NJCAA profile here.

You can check out some highlights from high school.

Welcome aboard Mr. Oluyitan.

Not to be outdone, the football team gets a commit as well

Nick Provenzano is the brother of current Bronco Joe Provenzano, and like his a preferred walk-on. Nick is a class of 2016 recruit, so he'll likely be able to join the team (and his brother) this fall.

Boise State football Twitter account made a funny yesterday

And it got a lot of play among the media.

As of this writing this tweet was shared almost 13,000 times. Boy the offseason is a cold, dark place. Can't wait for football to come back. Oh well, that is still a silly goose.

Boise State football needs you to buy more season tickets

And they're willing to guilt you into that by using your mother. You guys don't want to let your mothers down, do you? No. No you don't.

Buy season tickets.


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