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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State nabs first 2017 commit; Fun CFB rules changes

Boise State spring game Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

What do you call a deer with no eyes?

No idea.

Our national recruiting nightmare is over

If you missed it last night, Boise State (finally) picked up the first recruit of the 2017 class.

And it's a big one.

Mike Young is a 6' 6" 340 lb offensive lineman out of Arizona. That is... some girth he's got. Which is awesome. It's good to have some guys of size on the line and is a solid pick up for the Broncos.

Five rule changes that could make college football better

Some pretty good ideas here. I especially like being more lax on the ineligible receiver downfield thing. Especially this line:

This might not come into play often, but it's one way to legislate more "Oh that was really fun, just let him have it!" into the rulebook.

I agree. If a big dude somehow stumbles awkwardly down the field and, magically, ends up with the ball, what's the harm?

CFB recruits surveyed about random stuff

Food. Coaches. Conferences. Etc.

One thing I thought was kind of weird: Wendy's had as many "likes" as Whataburger. Now, I have never had Whataburger but can only assume that they are better than Wendy's in general. So I asked that question on Twitter, and got a response!

(Note: I don't normally like to self-promote like this, but I more wanted to give a shoutout to the response to my question.)

Future Boise State golfer is kind of good

Great to see Broncos ending their high school careers on a positive note. Now to bring that momentum to the Mountain West Conference!

ESPN article about NC State, Finley, and starting QBs

Doeren has only started transfer QBs during his tenure there. That is... troubling. Which makes you wonder if Finley has some sort of inside-track or perhaps a hindrance? Time will tell. I, for one, hope Finley does start. And I hope he has success. Kid deserves it.


Ever wanted a clock that kept time in emoji? You now have your wish.