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Young says yes to Boise State

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6'6" 344lbs OT Mike Young commits to the Broncos!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, the wait is over! Boise State just got its first commit of the 2017 class from offensive tackle Mike Young out of Queen Creek High School in Queen Creek, AZ. It was first reported by Arizona recruiting guru Jason Jewell via Twitter and confirmed shortly after by a post from Mike himself.

We were in a bit of a lull there and I think fans were getting restless. I know I was. We had a couple more commits last year by this time, but the first one that stuck around was Chase Hatada guessed it—May 25th. Let us rejoice, for the 2017 class has begun!

Mike currently has offers from about half of the MW as well as Adams State. His Scout profile does not have a star rating, but it is still fairly early in the recruiting season and that will most definitely change. He's listed at 6'6" and 344lbs. That is a very large man. A very large, junior-in-high-school, man.

His highlights are great. He moves very well for his size, showing good agility and tremendous strength. Multiple times in the video he seemingly tosses the competition.

Welcome to Boise State Mike! Bronco Nation is glad to have you!